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Returns and Refunds


Returns cost you and me money! Yes me, a rider just like yourself.

The trick is to make sure you are happy before you have purchased, there are normally two reasons for a return:

1 | Incorrect fitment - Send a photo to our sales team on WhatsApp and we will advise the correct fitment for your bike, If we advise you an item that doesn't fit we will offer a free return and full refund!

2 | Wrong Colour - Want to see some real life videos of the colours you interested in? WhatsApp us a photo of your bike, we can advise a colour recommendation and send you real life videos of all the different colours!


The majority of Unites own brand components are manufactured to order, in this case, we are unable to offer a return, we can however offer an exchange within 14 days of receipt

If you are unsure of the returns process for an item please check the returns tab on the individual product 

If you are unsure of your consume rights please click the link below:
Please view the Consumers Rights Act 2015 for your full rights
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