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Crash Replacement

Life Time Crash Replacement!

As most of you know, we manufacture our products to take an absolute beating. Whether your trail riding or racing an EWS our products do stand up! However, there is always that "oh sh*t" moment when it all goes Pete Tong and you end up in  the dirt with a severely damaged bike/components.

This is where our lifetime crash replacement comes in (nontransferable). We will offer any Unite product that has become severely damaged at trade cost, regardless if you bought the product from us direct or any of our dealers.

What’s the Cost?

There is no added cost, subscription fee etc. If you purchase one of our products, we will honor this for life! If there is a newer version of the product, we will offer the latest version at the same trade cost. The only situation where we are unable to honor this is if the parts has been completely discontinued, in this case we will offer you a 20% discount code for any future Unite Products!


Unite is founded and run by riders. We know the pain of smashing up brand new products and it hurts; we will always do what we can to get you up and rolling again!

How Do I Claim?

Drop us an email with your proof of purchase, a copy of your ID plus photo of you and your broken parts, its that easy! 

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