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Enduro Crankset


Graphite Black
Tequila Sunrise
Firehouse Red
Blue Titanium
Bright Purple
Camo Green
Crushed Silver
Dark Cherry
Burnt Bronze
24k Gold
Robins Egg Blue
Prison Pink
Corvette Yellow
Stormtrooper White
Gunmetal Grey
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The design brief for our new cranks was simple:

- No specific tools
- No new standards
- Future proof
- Simple
- Light but still robust and stiff
- Aesthetically pleasing

After seeing the finished prototype cranks, we are confident that we've nailed it! Countless hours of development, FEA, field testing and re-designs (there were many) has led us to the finished design. The Major parts are manufactured from 7075 aluminum, both arms are self extracting and no specific tools are needed for assembly/fitting.

There are 2 axle diameters available, dub or 30mm. We asked our customers which they prefer and they were all torn, the simple answer was to offer them both. Want to swap from a dub to 30MM? No problem, the design is completely modular so you can swap the axle in minutes. With the ever changing standards this also helps to future proof the product, we can offer different length axles with relative ease.

- Modular Design
- Self-extracting axle/arm
- No specific tools needed for fitting
- Sram style chain ring
- 165, 170 and 175mm length
- Dub or 30mm 7075 aluminium axle
- Arms available in black, orange, red, blue, purple, green, silver and gold.
- Weight from: 560g (170mm inc axle)
- All parts machined from 7075 aluminium expect for the lockring.

Please note, the chainring is NOT including, click the links below to purchase separately:


We proudly manufacture all of our components (except handlebars) in-house in our facility based in mid-Wales. Since bringing the Cerakote process in-house we are now one of a handful of companies that complete the whole manufacturing process in-house! We have invested heavily into equipment over the last few years to give you the best components! See the links below for some of our partners:
All of our products now come coated in house with Cerakote's environmentally friendly ceramic coating!

Want to see some real life videos of the colours you interested in? WhatsApp us below:

Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Each of these properties is rigorously tested to guarantee that Cerakote products remain at the forefront of the ceramic coatings market. Cerakote ceramic coatings utilize state-of-the-art technology to out-perform any competitive coating in both laboratory settings and real-world applications.

See the table below for the actual colors we use, click the links below to see real-life galleries for each of the colors!

Graphite Black - H-146 
Tequila Sunrise - H-309
Firehouse Red - H-216
Blue Titanium - H-185
Bright Purple - H-217
Camo Green - H-343
Crushed Silver - H-255
Dark Cherry - H-319
Burnt Bronze - H-148
24K Gold - H-122
Prison Pink | Not Engraved - H-141
Corvette Yellow | Not Engraved - H-144
Robin's Egg Blue | Not Engraved - H-175
Stormtrooper White | Not Engraved - H-297
Raw (Clear coat) | Not Engraved - MC156
Gunmetal Grey - H-219
Splatter | Not Engraved
Not sure if this will fit your bike?

Send a photo to our sales team on email and we will advise the correct fitment for your bike:
If we advise you an item that doesn't fit we will offer a free return!

9 reviews for Enduro Crankset

  1. Simon Titcombe

    Great product, as with all their items it is very well made and looks fantastic on the bike.

  2. Mickey Ryan

    Went shorter changed the bike massively reduced weight and look mint

  3. mickeyryan2015

    Look really good on the bike with a good weight saving

  4. Nick Walker

    Beautiful cranks - easy to fit and feel great on the bike.

  5. Matt

    Have had these on for 3 rides now and feel much better than my old cranks.
    They look great, lovely matte finish and great customer service to provide me with replacement bolt and nut when I lost the original when fitting.

    One thing to note is the thread for lock ring is machined as part of the crank so you can’t use alternative lock ring.

  6. Brian Shields

    Got the 165 crushed silver crack . Very nice finish .

  7. Keith Gill

    Got these on my new Ripmo V2s, in silver, so simple to install, very happy with them

  8. Aeron Phillips

    Fantastic cranks. They even designed and manufactured a custom 100mm left side crank that I need due to a knee injury. I have just bought my second set.

  9. bryan.rabbitts

    Great cranks seem really durable and very easy to fit. Very happy

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This is a non-stock component which is either manufactured to order or customised, we are unable to offer a return on this item. We can however offer an exchange, please contact us for more details.

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