Unite Oval Chain Ring V2 – Sram Direct Mount


Unite Oval Chain Ring V2 – Sram Direct Mount


Unite’s new Grip Rings offer excellent chain retention, great mud clearance and longevity, with a very high-quality finish.



Unites new oval ring share all of the great features that the standard Grip Ring has to offer but with an oval profile. Our oval design has many advantages over our standard round rings:

– Improves traction while climbing
– Reduces knee pain
– 12% ovality (32T is equal to 30T-34T range)
– 115° Clocking from crank arm puts the major axis in your power stroke

Unite’s new Grip Rings offer excellent chain retention, great mud clearance and longevity, with a very high-quality finish. Grip Rings are CNC machined from 7075 aluminium, one of the hardest grades of aluminium available. A large amount of wear occurs on the front face of chain rings due to the extreme chain-line caused by 1x setups, our extra wide alternating tooth profile improves both durability and retention for a longer period. As chains begin to stretch they start to bind in certain places, damaging the chain and ring; Grip Rings have specially machined recesses, which help to prevent this damage, increasing the longevity of the chain ring and chain. Grip Rings utilise a stiff and light design that is efficient and offers excellent protection from rock strikes.

  • Narrow/wide chain profile prevents chain drop
  • Wide-tooth profile for extra retention
  • Recessed for improved mud clearance and improved chain ring life
  • CNC machined from hard wearing 7075-T6 Aluminium
  • Anodised finish available in multiple colours
  • Available sizes: 32T
  • Compatible with Sram direct mount cranks
  • Weight: 30T-40g 32T-42g 34T-52g
  • 12 speed eagle compatible
  • 3mm offset which makes it compatible with both boost and non boost 

7 reviews for Unite Oval Chain Ring V2 – Sram Direct Mount

  1. Tom (verified owner)

    First time ordering from UNITE well impressed with the quality and service. The chainring works as a chainring should so can’t fault it. The machining on it is really smart. It’s probably about as sexy as a chainring can get. Price is solid and it’s British which is rad.

  2. Joseph P. (verified owner)

    Another great piece of kit from Unite. Well made, really easy to fit, does an excellent job of keeping the chain on. Looks fabulous too.

  3. Dave Smart


    Toying with the idea of Oval for a while. Works a dream for me! Great when putting the power down and for technical climbing.
    Never dropped a chain, easy install and hassle free!!
    Great quality product and always happy when UK products fit the bill!

  4. Jason Morgan

    I’ve recently bought from unite components

    Amazing products and a really quick turnaround…….Do your bike and yourself a favour . Buy them .
    Brilliant products .

  5. David Burton (verified owner)

    What can I say yet another solid well built local component got the v2 direct fit sram oval chainring in blue and took all of 10mins to change fitted perfect like it was from the factory well done lads keep up the quality workmanship .

  6. Eoghan Mulholland (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the quality for the price. Looks great and you can tell they put in a lot of thought. Don’t see the point in paying more for others after getting this.

  7. chewitt.59

    Fantastic oval chainring at a very good price. Very easy to install, looks great and definitely improves the gruelling climbs in South Wales. I contacted Unite after noticing a tooth was missing after several rides. Unite sent me a new one under warranty straight away and I have had no issues since. Great piece of kit from a great company!

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Grip Ring Fitting Instructions

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