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10% Off When You Recycle Any Worn Out Unite Product!

We only have one planet and we need to look after it, so what can we do about? Quiet a lot actually, a vast number of products are easy to recycle in the MTB industry, the issue is most riders simply throw them in the bin rather than disassemble and weigh them in at their local scrap yard for a few quid, I can’t really blame you.

This is where we can help, we do this all day every day and can ensure the products are disassembled and recycled correctly.

Exchange any worn out Unite product with a 10% discount for any new Unite product.

Where Can I Do this?

This can be done at either our manufacturing facility or your local bike shop, keep an eye out for the recycling boxes, they will be littered all over the UK

How do I recycle?

Simply hand over your worn part and purchase your replacement part with 10% off!

Can I Recycle Any Other Products?

Certainly, any product is welcome in our recycling boxes, we can however only offer a 10% discount for any Unite products.

Can I post them to you?

No, we are doing this to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, shipping is a large contributing factor to this, we don’t want to encourage unnecessary shipping! Once the recycling boxes are full, they will be shipped back to us for recycling.

Reycling Partners

Own a store and want to become a recyling partner? Contact us now!
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