About us

Unite Co is a flourishing young business based on the Welsh/Shropshire border where we produce aftermarket cycle products. We manufacture components with major advantages that other manufacturers can’t provide – all from one base. We are committed to provide simple, original and quality products.

 Unite was established in late 2016 by ex pro rider Andrew Cooper, since then we have rapidly grown both our customer and product range to where it is today. 99% of our current product range is made in house using some of the highest quality machine tools and materials currently available.

It's all about the design

Our in house design team use the latest CAD software and FEA analysis to give in-house pinpoint accuracy.  We run all of our products through a long trial of testing through various methods, prototyping, field testing and mechanical testing. We are confident that our products are tested to the highest standard and we know they won’t let you down. Unite Co are proud to be a manufacturing company delivering big things from inside the rural Welsh border hills.


We manufactures 99% of our products in house, we handle all aspects of developing a product; from design, prototyping, production, assembly, packing and marketing. Controlling all of these aspects has allowed us to offer a higher quality product and a better service to our customers. We use state of the art machinery and modern machining methods to obtain an extremely high quality finish.  


Environmental standards are always changing and Unite fully endorse “push continuous improvement”. The introduction of tablets to reduce the amount of paper waste during manufacture is one of our next major targets. Approval of the ISO 14001 standard is also something we are working to attain in the near future.

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